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Caribbean Dream Studios is a dream that came true after several years of taking the right steps by musicalizing short films.

The desire to have a production and post production studio arises on the part of Tiziano Fajardo, who is joined by Maryam De Soto after a conversation between the two parties about the company's approach, a conversation that came when they were both culminating their studies in Argentina.

Caribbean Dream began with the restructuring and acoustic conditioning of the premises in 2014, with Foley's studio being the first to be ready in order to work on the film María Montez.

In 2016 joined Geu Florentino and Wellington Mejía. Sarah Tejada joined in 2017. Although Caribbean Dream has been working since 2014, it is in 2017 that it formalizes its operations by making its tax registration. It is in July of that same year that it inaugurates its facilities, designed and built specifically for post production, favoring the development of work that had been carried out in previous years.

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